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Above the Fangorn Forest

Cloaked headI’ve been leveling my Rune-keeper since returning to Middle Earth, and have gotten to re-experience the gorgeous landscapes of the Eastemnet. Here she takes a moment to bask in this sunset glow above the Fangorn Forest before descending again into that strange, shadowed wood. I love how the greens in her dress accentuate the two beryl embellishments in her cloak, and the rich black velvet is a perfect fit for the eerie land. 
Cloak back 2Cloak front 2

You’ve gotta take a moment to breathe in the sunset when it looks like that!

I don't often wear shoulders with this, but when I do this thick clawed shrug keeps the rich, heavy quality I like so much with the velvet.

I don’t often wear shoulders with this, but when I do this thick clawed shrug keeps the rich, heavy quality I like so much with the velvet. I think I’m going to dye them black next, instead of their current green.

Into the Fangorn Forest

Into the Fangorn Forest



North Downs green and red

Although she usually stays in Esteldin practicing her woodcrafting, sometimes an elf’s gotta get out and see the sky. 1 Silbern green and red (front) - Copy1 Silbern green and red (back)1 Silbern green and red (side)1 Silbern green and red (boots)

One of my very favorite outfits I ever cobbled together, and none of it is high level gear. It’s never left her cosmetic panel!

After many, many attempts and many, many green beers...

After many, many attempts and many, many green beers…

Dammit, Ada! Hurry up, the pee dance is not what I had in mind!

Sobering up for her dance lesson, but all that beer is causing different problems now! 

Éomer’s Grasslands


Walking the great grassland

The very first thing I did upon reaching Rohan- even before I made my epic beeline for a warsteed- was to mine enough ore to make a guild crest and this tunic. It was worth it! And thanks to the magic of the shared wardrobe, I could equip it long before I reached the minimum usable level of 85.

waterfall topdown

It’s a dangerous business, getting stuck inside a waterfall.

I fell in love with this light head piece when I first saw it in the Great River, and sped along the Thinglad quest that rewards it so I could have the coveted piece…. sit in my vault for weeks, completely untouched. Thankfully my hoarding was rewarded when I fit it on this outfit. I love how the neckline of the headscarf blends with the Grey Company shoulders so it all looks like one swath of fabric.

Signs point to trouble in this home.

Rohan is fantastically designed, and definitely rewards those who go searching for details. Unfortunate clipping on the back of the outfit, but so it goes.

on steedIt’s so easy to overuse the Grey Company cosmetics. I feel I see them on every other character, but that’s because they are so great! The boots with their dagger detail shine in a whole new light with mounted combat.

Back: Treasure Hunter’s Satchel- umber (quest reward)
Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf- umber (quest reward)
Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap- umber, (quest reward)
Gloves: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets- umber (quest reward)
Chest: Defensive War Armour of Éomer- default (t8 heavy crafted)
Legs: N/A
Boots: Fine Grey Company Boots- umber (quest reward)

East Wall Wrangler

creeping to the overlook

I’ve been excited to share this outfit since I first saw what Cosmetic Lotro posted for her Anticipation outfit. Very similar concepts, and I like the contrast between the two.

Argonath face fist

This is the first outfit I made without a clear plan or concept, I was just messing around and created this comfortable, well worn set for what would become one of my very favorite outfits.

At the feet of the Argonath.

At the feet of the Argonath.

These nicely functional clothes also ended up perfectly complementing the piny greens, intense sky and fertile landscape of Eastern Rohan. I wish I could say it was on purpose, but this time luck was on my side. This outfit also fulfills my childhood Man from Snowy River fantasies. The horse wrangler look is perfect for the Hytbold dailies Wild Horses and The Race. The Race, in particular is really fun. I put this on, switch to my Ridge-Racer title and tear from Cliving to the Wold and back again in no time at all.

One of my favorite things about Rohan is magnificent sky. I grew up in a part of the US where the sky feels indescribably huge and open, and is colored an intense high altitude blue. Parts of Rohan capture that feeling very well, and I never tire of just looking up.

The view is clear, and breathtaking.

The view is clear, and breathtaking.

Back: None shown, but when I do have one equipped I use the Cloak of the Grey Company- ranger green (quest reward), and when I first got into Rohan and was mining furiously I equipped the Elven Prospector’s Pack- ranger green
Head: Snow-Dusted Traveling Hat- red (Yule festival barter)
Shoulders: Embroidered Mantle of the Dunland Healer- ranger green, (quest reward)
Gloves: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets- umber (quest reward)
Chest: Shabby Tunic- evendim blue (Yule quest reward)
Legs: Dreng-fultum- ranger green (quest reward)
Boots: Vibrant Westfold Battle Boots- evendim blue (t7 heavy crafted- many versions share this look)

Bons temps: Mardi Gras

It may not be a lotro festival, but it should be! And so, in honor of this most dramatic of holidays, I decided to create my own Mardi Gras costume; complete with party dress, grotesque masque and a bag of dubloons to throw to strangers and friends.

The traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold are said to represent Justice, Faith, and Power, respectively, at least in New Orleans. Now all I need is a Krewe! (Krewe’s are the clubs that make all your favorite floats and costumes, hand out special beads and trinkets, and pretty much own the week of Mardi Gras in the Big Easy.)

Be careful, imbibing too much can lead to the Elaine dance.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Back: Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack- turquoise (treasure hunting event)
Head: Golden Cave-claw Mask- purple (treasure hunting event)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- (not so) dark green, (drop)
Gloves: N/A
Chest: Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress- purple (Yule festival gift box)
Legs: N/A
Boots: N/A

Elegant Yule

This was my first entry into the Yule outfit contest sponsored by Lotro Fashion, Cosmetic Lotro, Lotro Stylist and Turbine, and it placed in the top 9 out of over 150 entries! Needless to say, I was thrilled. 🙂

I chose to make the boots yellow to bring out all of those wonderful gold accents, and because well, there needed to be something to lighten up the expanse of subued forest green and crimson!

I had planned on using the Yule cap, but then had a eureka! moment when I realized the extravagant festival cap not only had gold filigree on it that matched the piping on the gloves and chest piece, but also had a perfect white feather to go with the white on the chest! I didn’t notice until I put it all together, but the point of the brim also echoes the shape of the gold piping on the shoulders, and the brown hat-band is perfect with the brown buttons on the scarf and the brown on the shirt and skirt. Amazing.

This is one of those funny outfits that I actually like better from the back. I absolutely love how the crimson scarf and the crimson banding at the bottom of tavol-socas look together, and as a bonus from the back you can’t see the horrible clipping on the boots and scarf.

Back: N/A
Head: Extravagant Festival Cap- forest green (Yule festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf- crimson (Yule Festival)
Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves- red (Yule festival)
Chest: Rock-climber’s Armour- forest green (tailor recipe)
Legs: Tavol-Socas- forest green (drop)
Boots: Boots of the Ruin Hold- yellow (quest reward)

This marks the first time I went crazy on the AH for an outfit. That skirt, Tavol-Socas, is a level 75 light armour piece. I am a Guardian and was somewhere nearing 40 when this was made. I still feel it was gold well spent. A kin-mate was kind enough to make the Rock-climber’s Armour for me, so that at least was free, though still the wrong type of armour, and still above my level.