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Éomer’s Grasslands


Walking the great grassland

The very first thing I did upon reaching Rohan- even before I made my epic beeline for a warsteed- was to mine enough ore to make a guild crest and this tunic. It was worth it! And thanks to the magic of the shared wardrobe, I could equip it long before I reached the minimum usable level of 85.

waterfall topdown

It’s a dangerous business, getting stuck inside a waterfall.

I fell in love with this light head piece when I first saw it in the Great River, and sped along the Thinglad quest that rewards it so I could have the coveted piece…. sit in my vault for weeks, completely untouched. Thankfully my hoarding was rewarded when I fit it on this outfit. I love how the neckline of the headscarf blends with the Grey Company shoulders so it all looks like one swath of fabric.

Signs point to trouble in this home.

Rohan is fantastically designed, and definitely rewards those who go searching for details. Unfortunate clipping on the back of the outfit, but so it goes.

on steedIt’s so easy to overuse the Grey Company cosmetics. I feel I see them on every other character, but that’s because they are so great! The boots with their dagger detail shine in a whole new light with mounted combat.

Back: Treasure Hunter’s Satchel- umber (quest reward)
Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf- umber (quest reward)
Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap- umber, (quest reward)
Gloves: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets- umber (quest reward)
Chest: Defensive War Armour of Éomer- default (t8 heavy crafted)
Legs: N/A
Boots: Fine Grey Company Boots- umber (quest reward)

Inside Moria: the Waterworks

While my bright blue and gold Eregion outfit (with a slight modification) was perfect for the deep blues, purples and golds of the Great Delving and Zelem-Melek, the Waterworks are a whole ‘nother bag of frogs, and clearly needed their own outfit.

I loved the Waterworks. The open span, psychedelic splashes, glass spiders and toxic frogs made it a welcome stylistic shift from the previous, more mine & cave like moria zones.

I love the golden plates on the sides of these pants, but the undyable blue of the skirt is very hard to match. I built the outfit around the pants, and my enthusiasm for finally being able to craft Lossoth gear brought the rest together. I don’t usually wear cloaks, but I like to have one ready, should I need it.



Back: Flames of the Deep Cloak- sea blue (skirmish barter)
Head: Spiked Helm- sea blue (vendor, levels 18-46)
Shoulders:  Not sure*– sea blue (quest reward or drop?)
Gloves: Mammutti Gloves- gold (t5 metalsmith)
Chest: Knight’s Armour- white (t5 metalsmith)
Legs: Elven Soldier’s Leggings- white, (t5 metalsmith)
Boots: Mammutti Boots- gold, (t5 metalsmith)


*the problem with backtracking almost a year (!). The screenshots, I have. The names, I have to find.  Halfway into Moria I started really picking up leveling steam, and just burned through content from here to 75 (when that was cap). All my free time was into actually playing, and blogging about playing just couldn’t hold a candle to it. Once I hit 75, there was so much to do! Grind my virtues, Limlight and Stangard rep, Anduin dailies, Galtrev armour, spider eggs, learn to actually tank for reals! I never felt like I could catch up. Now that I’m a healthy 85 and have my virtues and Hytbold under control I can catch my breath and start posting my cosmetics again. So this will become completely non linear, for which I apologize, but a slackers gotta do.

Angmar is hard to look at.

This post is out of order for my leveling, chronologically it should go somewhere between the Misty Mountains and Eregion, but what they hey. I’m going to have to come back here soonish anyway so I can run Urugarth and get the last of my legendary quest items.

It wasn’t really intentional that I matched the zone, but it worked out anyway. 🙂

I haven’t spent any real time here, just the bare minimum needed for epic quests and legendary trait items. Why not, you ask? Because it is uuuggly! So grim, in fact, that my lovely, soft Misty Mountains armour looked jarringly out of place here and I had to quick cobble together something that would work. I just took what was already in my wardrobe, changed the dye on the shoulders and gloves and BAM. Ready to march.

Back: N/A
Head: Traveller’s Hood- red (store)
Shoulders: Elven Soldier’s Shoulder Guards – umber (T4 metalsmith recipe)
Gloves: Ajokoira Gloves- gold (T5 light tailor)
Chest: Elven Steel Jacket- umber (lvl 41 Rivendell heavy armour vendor)
Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings- red (default), (T5 medium tailor)
Boots: Boots of the Westfold- undyable, (Isengard pre-order gift)

Buzzing around Eregion

In order to reach kindred status with the Lossoth without any serious grinding, I was relentless with my task turn-ins. The happy result of those turn-ins was two-fold; the desired effect of Lossoth reputation gain, and the unexpectedly wonderful reward of “Busy Bee” and its respective cloak.

I had no idea how appropriate it would be for Eregion until I got there! Not only are the colors perfect for that zone, but if the Fine Clover Honey littering the landscape is any indication, this former elven stronghold must have the happiest bees in all of Middle Earth.

When I reached this zone, I immediately ran down to the Walls of Moria so I could get my first Legendary Items. Good thing too, as this golden scale chest piece was given to me there and I think it matches the cloak well, both in texture and tone. I’ve been holding onto the gloves and boots for a while now, as golden accents seem a bit harder to find than silver. Now I finally had a reason to wear them!

Gazing at the heights of Baranzinbar.

I can’t believe how well the shoulders and chest piece go together- they even have the same delicate swirled shapes, and in the same soft beige color. I had forgotten about the helm, but as I was searching through my inventory, and losing hope that I would find  a helm that worked (again, the gold thing), I re-discovered this one! It fancies the outfit up nicely, I think.

Back: Cloak of the Busy Bee- evendim blue (task deed reward)
Head: Himhar- ered luin blue (vol 1, book 4 quest reward)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- ered luin blue, (drop)
Gloves: Westernesse Steel Gauntlets of Fleetness*- ered luin blue (drop)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour- ered luin blue (vol II, book 1 quest reward)
Legs: Quilted Leggings- ered luin blue, (T2 light tailor)
Boots: Rochwen’s Boots- ered luin blue, (Trollshaws quest reward)

*Starry Mantle recently posted an outfit with gauntlets that look like this, so I found out they are also available as a skirmish barter or from the lotro store.

Pausing a moment before passing though the Doors of Durin.

*Takes a deep breath* Now into Moria I go! My hope is that by the time I leave its passages behind me, it is the Delving of the Dwarves once again.


Update: Sometime after this post I found these leggings (Orlogfot, drop, also ered luin blue) that I preferred with the outfit.

gold skirt 2

Snow and Stone for the Misty Mountains

The Cloak of Winter Nights is one of my favorites in the game, and I couldn’t wait to create an outfit around it. Especially after reading this post by Hymne from Lotro Cosmetics; I wanted to show other ways to use this fantastic piece. This has ended up being one of my very favorite outfits, allowing her to remain a formidable warrior while softening out her edges.

Taking a break to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

The Misty Mountains are such a gorgeous, soft-focus zone, for the first time I felt the desire to be in harmony with my surroundings instead of contrasting with them. Maybe it’s because I grew up snuggled against the Rocky Mountains, but this zone feels so wonderfully cozy to me. When the clouds lower into the valleys you can practically hear the still-quiet hush of snow falling.

When combat dictates that a cloak is no longer practical, she removes it and reveals the Southern Helmet Saeradan gave her so long ago on the green fields of Bree-land. The fur ear-and-neck covering of the helmet goes so perfectly with the Snow-dusted Travelling gloves, it’s like they were made for each other.

Making friends

I visited the Misty Mountains as my stopgap between Evendim and Forochel, but I didn’t take any good outfitting screenshots! So unfortunately this post is a bit out of order for my leveling. C’est la vie. 🙂

Back: Cloak of Winter Nights- white (store)
Head: Southern Helmet- sienna (Bree-land quest reward, though this skin is available in many other places)
Shoulders: Ajokoira Shoulder Guards- umber, (T5 light tailor)
Gloves: Snow-dusted Travelling Gloves- olive (Yule festival barter)
Chest: Elven Steel Jacket- umber (lvl 41 Rivendell heavy armour vendor)
Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings- sienna, (T5 medium tailor)
Boots: Ajokoira Shoes- rust, (T5 light tailor)

Yellow for the Blue Lake

I turned 38 and was finally able to equip all my beautiful 38 critted gear, the armor made by me and jewelry from a kinmate. Unfortunately it was only beautiful in terms of raised stats and a thrill of accomplishment, not in an aesthetic sense. Time to design a new outfit for my darling bulldozer! After all my wandering around Evendim, I was craving a little yellow to offset all the lush greens and blues of that gorgeous zone.

When I’m designing outfits for my guardian, I always want her to look like a guardian. All that lovely leather armor is great, but doesn’t make sense for her to quest in. The other thing I try and take into consideration is her level. I want her to look nice, yes, but also to look level appropriate so that it stays visually fun to reach a new level range.

Back: Cloak of the Raven – gold (harvestmath barter)
Head: Traveller’s Hood – gold (store)
Shoulders: Elven Soldier’s Shoulder Guards – white (master metal recipe)
Gloves: Elven Soldier’s Gloves – black (master metal recipe)
Chest: Chainmail Breastplate – yellow (vendor, level 32)
Legs: Linen Leggings – gold (journeyman tailor recipe)
Boots: Leather Boots – black (vendor, level 11)

I knew I wanted to use that chest piece, and luckily it’s one of the few items that dyes a decent yellow instead of bright chartreuse. I liked the crafted shoulders and gloves, but couldn’t get them to match as dyeing the shoulders results in very murky colors, and it’s naturally much darker than the undyeable metal on the gloves (on the gloves it’s the leather part that you can dye, but they turn out very dark compared to everything else). And then, eureka! If I dyed the shoulders white, the metal became the same color as the gloves! Perfect. All I needed were pants that could match the yellow of the chest piece, and these ones dyed gold came the closest. I’ve always thought these shoulders looked a little like wings, so pairing them with the cloak of the raven was a natural choice. I couldn’t get a helm to go with everything else and was tired of using the circlet of men, so the traveller’s hood officially became my first store purchased cosmetic item. I think it finishes the look nicely.

I am still looking for better pants, I would like to find a pair that dyes a little closer to the rest of the outfit, and where the belt is black not brown, and I’m still searching for better boots for this outfit. Again, I don’t think the brown goes, but all-black boots didn’t work either. Ideally I’d like to find a pair that has metal shin-guards that echo the design of the shoulders and gloves. Black and gold boots may work as well.

Green for the Lone Lands

The Lone Lands are so brown and dull, I needed a bright green punch to bring some joy to my Guardian.

I just mixed and matched the expert (t3) level metalsmith recipes until I had a combination I liked. The elven chest and legs had a nice fitted look, with good pops of color on them, but the elven shoulders looked too intricate for the rest of the outfit, and the elven gauntlets have a plate covering that is a drastically different color than the rest of the set, so I used the dwarven pieces there. The plain steel boots keep the look very streamlined and clean, which I was a fan of. 🙂 I had the circlet of men for casual questing, and would switch to the Helm of the Eglain Defender when entering a particularly dicey area.

I had been running around the Lone Lands in this for quite a while, when it rained I would use the plain hooded cloak (available at any outfitter) dyed burgundy, both to contrast all the green and because it went with the trim on the shirt. When I finally turned 30 and could equip the Cloak from the Men of Bree, I was shocked at how perfectly it all went together. I looked so professional!

Back: Cloak from the Men of Bree- undyeable, (Bree rep)
Head: Helm of the Eglain Defender- (forest green, (lvl 26 quest reward)
Shoulders: Dwarf-make Steel Shoulder Guards  – forest green, (expert metal recipe)
Gloves: Dwarf-make Steel Gloves – forest green, (expert metal recipe)
Chest: Elven Steel Armour– forest green, (expert metal recipe)
Legs: Elven Steel Leggings – forest green, (expert metal recipe)
Boots: Steel Boots – forest green, (expert metal recipe)