Sept. 2015

I haven’t touched LotRO since just after Helm’s Deep launched, I got my two favorite characters to 95 and called it quits. With the server consolidation that is imminent my excitement for Middle Earth has been renewed! I am all aflutter waiting for Vilya’s transfers to open and to meet my new community. My former, much loved kinship seems to have dissolved during my absence, but I’ve found a new home on a new server already and am looking forward to this fresh adventure.

In the interim, I’ve found a folder with a few of my old (never posted) screenshots and I’m happy to be able to dust them off and give them a proper home here, as well as adding some new moments as they happen.



Nov. 28th 2012

After avidly following the cosmetic trailblazers Hymne, Frey and Devonna, and the fabulous Starry Mantle I decided I wanted to record my own cosmetic experiments, and with their example leading my way, this site was born.

Most of my attention in game is focused on my slow, slow leveling- it’s not uncommon for me to spend entire weekends worth of game time on festival titles, and crafting, and on the AH, and getting three characters- none higher than 40- two horses each per festival. Three in the case of this current Yule. And I need the maps. And the cosmetics. Thank god I don’t have a house yet! (They just seem like a waste of gold until I’ve purchased all available bank slots.) Ooh, this is so different now. I have not only a house, but 7 alts with maxed vault space. Most are stuffed with cosmetics. I really don’t know how the serious cosmetics bloggers do it. The unique items I’ve collected on my main alone take up over half of her vault, and I’ve had to move cosmetics that are merely bound to her to the shared storage to make space for things I actually need, like say, food.

I call Vilya home, and my main is a Guardian who was raised in the renewed kingdom of Dale, nestled against the River Running and between the reborn dwarven stronghold of the Lonely Mountain and the revitalized human settlement of Laketown, with the elven kingdom in Mirkwood and the gloom of that tainted forest ever on the western horizon.

I’ve been hoping to see the Lonely Mountain since I started playing this game, so you can imagine my excitement on hearing the names of the Rohan instances.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, great to see another LOTRO cosmetics blog, or personal journal, if you prefer. 🙂

    I absolutely adore “Vogue of the Rings” as a title, so clever! I hope you don’t mind if I peek in now and again to see what you’re up to! 😀


    1. Oh goodness! Here I thought I would just be showing kinnies and the first guest to show up is royalty.
      *Moves a pile of clothes off of the couch*, please! Come in, of course you are welcome. 🙂
      My guess is I’ll be posting two or three a month. One for each zone as I level, and sundry others to spice the mix.

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