Autumnal Flowers


Simblemyne Lothlorien back


I love the Simbelmynë clothes from last spring, but wanted to see them in warmer, richer colors than they are typically represented in.

Simblemyne Lothlorian Head


I especially liked how the muted orange-dyed tunic went with my Guardian’s darker, half-Dale, half-Easterling complexion.

Simblemyne Lothlorien back top


Lothlorien’s otherwordly glow captures an impossible blend of fresh spring and bright autumn, and this outfit fits the mood of that magical place perfectly.

Simblemyne in Enedwaith


It turned out to be quite handy when she ran into this hobbit enclave, so far from the peaceful Shire! She had this gentler outfit at the ready, so as not to alarm the hobbits with her imposing heavy armour.  (I may also have wanted to show off the [undyable] deep purple of the leggings )

Back: n/a
Head: Wide-Brimmed Spring Hat – orange (spring barter)
Shoulders: Gwir-palvais- burgundy, (drop, light armour)
Gloves: n/a
Chest: Simbelmynë Tunic & Trousers – orange (spring barter)
Legs: n/a
Boots: n/a


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