Warsteed: Dark Palomino

Rosegold wetlands head rightside

I finally found a warsteed combination I really like, she’s now my favorite mount by a mile. I really wanted a palomino, and had already purchased color pack #6, on release day as my RoR impulse buy. Now I’m glad I did! I like the darker  golden apricot color of her hide more than I could ever have anticipated.

Rosegold wetlands body leftside

I was lucky enough to already have the Steed of the Hunter, it was first released not long after I started playing, and I snatched it up immediately both because I loved (and still love) the look, and because it was the first 68% speed mount I could get my hands on. I bought the Steed of the Guardian after I found out about war steed cosmetics, and that I’d be able to ditch my least favorite parts of it (the unsheathed swords whacking the horse’s flank, the picnic blanket on its rear).

Rosegold wetlands rear rightside
Outfit: Éomer’s Grasslands
Warsteed: Rouncey
Head: Guardian’s Halter, default color
Body: Guardian’s Caparison, default color
Legs: Guardian’s Leggings, default color
Saddle: Hunter’s Saddle
Gear: Hunter’s Gear
Hide: Dark Chestnut
Tail: White


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