Buzzing around Eregion rework

This isn’t a new outfit, but an update for a previous one. Sometime after creating it, I found this lovely brass chain mail skirt over leggings and I loved how it brightened and streamlined the outfit.

Gold skirt


I apologize for the inconsistent quality of the screenshots. The older ones in particular were taken without a decent graphics card. Something I didn’t think about until my first turtle run in Filikul when my animation said I was still fighting, and our fellowship chat told me the fight was long over.

I quickly updated my equipment. 🙂

Back: Cloak of the Busy Bee- evendim blue (task deed reward)
Head: Himhar- ered luin blue (vol 1, book 4 quest reward)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- ered luin blue, (drop)
Gloves: Westernesse Steel Gauntlets of Fleetness*- ered luin blue (drop)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour- ered luin blue (vol II, book 1 quest reward)
Legs: Quilted Leggings Orlogfot- ered luin blue, (drop)
Boots: Rochwen’s Boots- ered luin blue, (Trollshaws quest reward)

Buzzing around Eregion


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