Inside Moria: the Waterworks

While my bright blue and gold Eregion outfit (with a slight modification) was perfect for the deep blues, purples and golds of the Great Delving and Zelem-Melek, the Waterworks are a whole ‘nother bag of frogs, and clearly needed their own outfit.

I loved the Waterworks. The open span, psychedelic splashes, glass spiders and toxic frogs made it a welcome stylistic shift from the previous, more mine & cave like moria zones.

I love the golden plates on the sides of these pants, but the undyable blue of the skirt is very hard to match. I built the outfit around the pants, and my enthusiasm for finally being able to craft Lossoth gear brought the rest together. I don’t usually wear cloaks, but I like to have one ready, should I need it.



Back: Flames of the Deep Cloak- sea blue (skirmish barter)
Head: Spiked Helm- sea blue (vendor, levels 18-46)
Shoulders:  Not sure*– sea blue (quest reward or drop?)
Gloves: Mammutti Gloves- gold (t5 metalsmith)
Chest: Knight’s Armour- white (t5 metalsmith)
Legs: Elven Soldier’s Leggings- white, (t5 metalsmith)
Boots: Mammutti Boots- gold, (t5 metalsmith)


*the problem with backtracking almost a year (!). The screenshots, I have. The names, I have to find.  Halfway into Moria I started really picking up leveling steam, and just burned through content from here to 75 (when that was cap). All my free time was into actually playing, and blogging about playing just couldn’t hold a candle to it. Once I hit 75, there was so much to do! Grind my virtues, Limlight and Stangard rep, Anduin dailies, Galtrev armour, spider eggs, learn to actually tank for reals! I never felt like I could catch up. Now that I’m a healthy 85 and have my virtues and Hytbold under control I can catch my breath and start posting my cosmetics again. So this will become completely non linear, for which I apologize, but a slackers gotta do.

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