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Buzzing around Eregion

In order to reach kindred status with the Lossoth without any serious grinding, I was relentless with my task turn-ins. The happy result of those turn-ins was two-fold; the desired effect of Lossoth reputation gain, and the unexpectedly wonderful reward of “Busy Bee” and its respective cloak.

I had no idea how appropriate it would be for Eregion until I got there! Not only are the colors perfect for that zone, but if the Fine Clover Honey littering the landscape is any indication, this former elven stronghold must have the happiest bees in all of Middle Earth.

When I reached this zone, I immediately ran down to the Walls of Moria so I could get my first Legendary Items. Good thing too, as this golden scale chest piece was given to me there and I think it matches the cloak well, both in texture and tone. I’ve been holding onto the gloves and boots for a while now, as golden accents seem a bit harder to find than silver. Now I finally had a reason to wear them!

Gazing at the heights of Baranzinbar.

I can’t believe how well the shoulders and chest piece go together- they even have the same delicate swirled shapes, and in the same soft beige color. I had forgotten about the helm, but as I was searching through my inventory, and losing hope that I would find  a helm that worked (again, the gold thing), I re-discovered this one! It fancies the outfit up nicely, I think.

Back: Cloak of the Busy Bee- evendim blue (task deed reward)
Head: Himhar- ered luin blue (vol 1, book 4 quest reward)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- ered luin blue, (drop)
Gloves: Westernesse Steel Gauntlets of Fleetness*- ered luin blue (drop)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour- ered luin blue (vol II, book 1 quest reward)
Legs: Quilted Leggings- ered luin blue, (T2 light tailor)
Boots: Rochwen’s Boots- ered luin blue, (Trollshaws quest reward)

*Starry Mantle recently posted an outfit with gauntlets that look like this, so I found out they are also available as a skirmish barter or from the lotro store.

Pausing a moment before passing though the Doors of Durin.

*Takes a deep breath* Now into Moria I go! My hope is that by the time I leave its passages behind me, it is the Delving of the Dwarves once again.


Update: Sometime after this post I found these leggings (Orlogfot, drop, also ered luin blue) that I preferred with the outfit.

gold skirt 2

Bons temps: Mardi Gras

It may not be a lotro festival, but it should be! And so, in honor of this most dramatic of holidays, I decided to create my own Mardi Gras costume; complete with party dress, grotesque masque and a bag of dubloons to throw to strangers and friends.

The traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold are said to represent Justice, Faith, and Power, respectively, at least in New Orleans. Now all I need is a Krewe! (Krewe’s are the clubs that make all your favorite floats and costumes, hand out special beads and trinkets, and pretty much own the week of Mardi Gras in the Big Easy.)

Be careful, imbibing too much can lead to the Elaine dance.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Back: Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack- turquoise (treasure hunting event)
Head: Golden Cave-claw Mask- purple (treasure hunting event)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- (not so) dark green, (drop)
Gloves: N/A
Chest: Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress- purple (Yule festival gift box)
Legs: N/A
Boots: N/A

Snow and Stone for the Misty Mountains

The Cloak of Winter Nights is one of my favorites in the game, and I couldn’t wait to create an outfit around it. Especially after reading this post by Hymne from Lotro Cosmetics; I wanted to show other ways to use this fantastic piece. This has ended up being one of my very favorite outfits, allowing her to remain a formidable warrior while softening out her edges.

Taking a break to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

The Misty Mountains are such a gorgeous, soft-focus zone, for the first time I felt the desire to be in harmony with my surroundings instead of contrasting with them. Maybe it’s because I grew up snuggled against the Rocky Mountains, but this zone feels so wonderfully cozy to me. When the clouds lower into the valleys you can practically hear the still-quiet hush of snow falling.

When combat dictates that a cloak is no longer practical, she removes it and reveals the Southern Helmet Saeradan gave her so long ago on the green fields of Bree-land. The fur ear-and-neck covering of the helmet goes so perfectly with the Snow-dusted Travelling gloves, it’s like they were made for each other.

Making friends

I visited the Misty Mountains as my stopgap between Evendim and Forochel, but I didn’t take any good outfitting screenshots! So unfortunately this post is a bit out of order for my leveling. C’est la vie. 🙂

Back: Cloak of Winter Nights- white (store)
Head: Southern Helmet- sienna (Bree-land quest reward, though this skin is available in many other places)
Shoulders: Ajokoira Shoulder Guards- umber, (T5 light tailor)
Gloves: Snow-dusted Travelling Gloves- olive (Yule festival barter)
Chest: Elven Steel Jacket- umber (lvl 41 Rivendell heavy armour vendor)
Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings- sienna, (T5 medium tailor)
Boots: Ajokoira Shoes- rust, (T5 light tailor)