Cheerful Yule

The wonderful folks at Lotro Fashion, Lotro Stylist and Cosmetic Lotro put together a Yule/Winter outfit contest, and it was so much fun to participate!  I was on a lotro hiatus when it was announced, but luckily I found out about it just a couple of days before the deadline and rushed to create something I could be proud of for it. This was my second attempt, and the last I could get in before the deadline.

If I had dyed the pants olive instead of forest green I think they would match the shirt a little closer, but I really wanted to have a playful, christmasy look with bright, cheerful colors, and the olive would have dulled the look down too much. As it was I toned the pants down from the (not so) dark green I originally dyed them. I probably had points deducted for the imperfect match, but I think I accomplished my goal!

I was pleased with how the fingerless gloves worked with the bracer part of the shirt to make it look like gauntlets, and that the brown accents on the bracers, belt, and boots all go together so perfectly.

I decided to dye the scarf crimson instead of red so it would integrate the part of the Traveller’s Hood that always dyes darker, and I love that it looks like one giant scarf wrapped around her head 🙂

Back: N/A
Head: Traveller’s Hood – red (store)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf- crimson (Yule Festival)
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves- red (Yule festival)
Chest: Elven Cloth Jacket- red (Rivendell vendor)
Legs: Linen Leggings – forest green (journeyman tailor recipe)
Boots: Shadowhyrst’s Shoes- red (quest reward) I believe these boots share a skin with the Soft Leather Boots you can buy at various outfitters.

I’ll be posting my other entry next, and later I hope to get to the two I couldn’t make because I couldn’t find the right pieces, and the one I designed almost by accident right after it was all over.

Hooray Yule festival!


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