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Red Forochel

I need a warm, cozy, yet tough and heavy questing outfit for Forochel. I’ve been looking forward to this stunning, exotic zone forever it seems.

My original goal was to make a heavy armour outfit that looked warm and I had to do it without using any of the Mammutti armour, because no one I knew seemed able to make it*. After struggling with a color scheme, the Starry Mantle had a timely, inspirational and all around pretty awesome post regarding Forochel and the culture the Lossoth are based on. After reading it and researching the Sámi for myself, this was what my first attempt looked like:

I didn’t want her to look like a complete native, both she and I are brand new to the zone! Instead I wanted her to look like what she is: a visitor slowly making friends with the locals. I still like the idea behind the outfit, but it is very rough around the edges and I wasn’t happy enough with it to spend an entire zone questing in it. So, I had yet to come up with something for questing in Forochel, and at this point I had spent enough time on it that it was starting to retard my already snails-paced leveling. Luckily I equipped the Short Fancy Robe on a whim after I got it at the very end of the Yule festival. What a revelation! It was perfect:

Even though it isn’t heavy armour at all, the knee-length robe looks bulky enough that it is easy to imagine her chain mail suit on underneath it, and the heavy, water-resistant and highly insulating wool of the robe would be the perfect thing for the harsh Forochel weather.

She would have gotten this robe from one of the traders bringing goods to the Lossoth from the south, the geometric patterns, primary colors and mountainous scene would delight the snow-dwelling people. The fine quality oiled-leather boots are also water resistant, and they would be thickly lined with wool, so that even when the persistent snow worked its way past the leather her feet would remain warm. When the temperature starts to plummet and icy fog rolls in from the bay, she wraps the Cloak of Winter Nights and its fox-fur warmth around her, its starry sky dyed the bright sea blue the Lossoth love so much.

Back: Cloak of Winter Nights- sea blue (store) (not shown)
Head: Traveller’s Hood- red (store)
Shoulders: Tactical Shoulder Guards- crimson, (lvl 20 world drop, pretty sure this skin’s all over the place though)
Gloves: Ajokoira Gloves- evendim blue (tailor, t5 light)
Chest: Short Fancy Robe- red (Yule festival gift box)
Legs: N/A
Boots: Munce’s Shoes- gold (lvl 23 quest reward)

*Apparently only Tailors come to Forochel. Well no more! I shall make mine own pretty armour, dammit! Also, crazy that none of the other metalsmiths I know came here. There is ancient ore absolutely everywhere.
I hit 46 and Friend to the Lossoth! Now I can make the Mammutti shoulders and gloves, wheee!
Tried them out on my cold weather outfits and OF COURSE liked what I already have better. *shakes head in resignation*.
48 and Ally, now I have the chest and boots. On to Kindred and the last two pieces…
Woot! 50 and Kindred. Good thing too, Moria looks cold.


Funny story; I actually wore the blacksmith’s tunic through a significant portion of the Lone Lands, because I’d been wearing such dull mismatched armour for so long (seemingly) that all of a sudden having bright colored, good looking armour was too much of a shock to my system. The story I told myself was that my guardian was wearing her blacksmith’s garb over her chainmail to tempt the various goblins, bandits, orcs, etc. into attacking her and then surprise! They couldn’t kill her, and died instead.

Now I use the outfit for its intended purpose 🙂 Later, I added the snow-dusted travelling hat and the dwarf-make prospector’s pack. I actually think a different prospector’s pack might go better, the dwarf-make one looks a bit too nice for this rugged outfit. But as it’s my favorite (I love the mountains on it!), it stays.

I love how the snow dusted traveling hat looks like the same rugged, well loved leather the apron is made of.

Back: Dwarf-make Prospector’s Pack- burgundy (yule festival- dwarf gift box)
Head: Snow-dusted Travelling Hat- orange (yule festival barter)
Shoulders: N/A
Gloves: N/A
Chest: Blacksmith’s Tunic- rose (outfitter)
Legs: N/A
Boots: N/A

Elegant Yule

This was my first entry into the Yule outfit contest sponsored by Lotro Fashion, Cosmetic Lotro, Lotro Stylist and Turbine, and it placed in the top 9 out of over 150 entries! Needless to say, I was thrilled. 🙂

I chose to make the boots yellow to bring out all of those wonderful gold accents, and because well, there needed to be something to lighten up the expanse of subued forest green and crimson!

I had planned on using the Yule cap, but then had a eureka! moment when I realized the extravagant festival cap not only had gold filigree on it that matched the piping on the gloves and chest piece, but also had a perfect white feather to go with the white on the chest! I didn’t notice until I put it all together, but the point of the brim also echoes the shape of the gold piping on the shoulders, and the brown hat-band is perfect with the brown buttons on the scarf and the brown on the shirt and skirt. Amazing.

This is one of those funny outfits that I actually like better from the back. I absolutely love how the crimson scarf and the crimson banding at the bottom of tavol-socas look together, and as a bonus from the back you can’t see the horrible clipping on the boots and scarf.

Back: N/A
Head: Extravagant Festival Cap- forest green (Yule festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf- crimson (Yule Festival)
Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves- red (Yule festival)
Chest: Rock-climber’s Armour- forest green (tailor recipe)
Legs: Tavol-Socas- forest green (drop)
Boots: Boots of the Ruin Hold- yellow (quest reward)

This marks the first time I went crazy on the AH for an outfit. That skirt, Tavol-Socas, is a level 75 light armour piece. I am a Guardian and was somewhere nearing 40 when this was made. I still feel it was gold well spent. A kin-mate was kind enough to make the Rock-climber’s Armour for me, so that at least was free, though still the wrong type of armour, and still above my level.

Cheerful Yule

The wonderful folks at Lotro Fashion, Lotro Stylist and Cosmetic Lotro put together a Yule/Winter outfit contest, and it was so much fun to participate!  I was on a lotro hiatus when it was announced, but luckily I found out about it just a couple of days before the deadline and rushed to create something I could be proud of for it. This was my second attempt, and the last I could get in before the deadline.

If I had dyed the pants olive instead of forest green I think they would match the shirt a little closer, but I really wanted to have a playful, christmasy look with bright, cheerful colors, and the olive would have dulled the look down too much. As it was I toned the pants down from the (not so) dark green I originally dyed them. I probably had points deducted for the imperfect match, but I think I accomplished my goal!

I was pleased with how the fingerless gloves worked with the bracer part of the shirt to make it look like gauntlets, and that the brown accents on the bracers, belt, and boots all go together so perfectly.

I decided to dye the scarf crimson instead of red so it would integrate the part of the Traveller’s Hood that always dyes darker, and I love that it looks like one giant scarf wrapped around her head 🙂

Back: N/A
Head: Traveller’s Hood – red (store)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf- crimson (Yule Festival)
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves- red (Yule festival)
Chest: Elven Cloth Jacket- red (Rivendell vendor)
Legs: Linen Leggings – forest green (journeyman tailor recipe)
Boots: Shadowhyrst’s Shoes- red (quest reward) I believe these boots share a skin with the Soft Leather Boots you can buy at various outfitters.

I’ll be posting my other entry next, and later I hope to get to the two I couldn’t make because I couldn’t find the right pieces, and the one I designed almost by accident right after it was all over.

Hooray Yule festival!