Looking good while fighting evil.

Princess of Power

It’s October! That means Halloween is mere weeks away, and it’s time I reveal one of my greatest LotRO cosmetic triumphs. That’s right. SHE-RA.

Like just about every other player who grew up watching that iconic, fabulous, action-heroine, I wanted to make a She-ra outfit from the first day I saw this perfect winged headpiece. Eventually I succeeded and today I get to share my creation with you!

For the honor of Greyskull!

For the honor of Greyskull!



I am especially proud of finding a sleeveless top that has gold detailing on the neckline and sternum, and finding bottoms that approximate a white miniskirt without looking ridiculous. Even the v-shape of the belt is right! There are simpler boots & bracers in the game that more closely resemble her original cartoon outfit, but I thought these better fit the idea of her as both an actual warrior and as the protector of the Whispering Wood.

Where would She-ra be without Spirit/Swiftwind?

Where would She-ra be without Spirit/Swiftwind?

ScreenShot00034 (2) - Copy


This sword is my favorite for her Sword of Power. You can barter for it in Stangard. The level 100 1st age swords also have a nice blue stone in them, but a much simpler overall design.

This sword is my favorite for her Sword of Power. You can barter for it in Stangard. The level 100 1st age swords also have a nice blue stone in them, but with a much simpler overall design.


Happy Halloween!

Love, VotR.

Cloaked headI’ve been leveling my Rune-keeper since returning to Middle Earth, and have gotten to re-experience the gorgeous landscapes of the Eastemnet. Here she takes a moment to bask in this sunset glow above the Fangorn Forest before descending again into that strange, shadowed wood. I love how the greens in her dress accentuate the two beryl embellishments in her cloak, and the rich black velvet is a perfect fit for the eerie land. 
Cloak back 2Cloak front 2

You’ve gotta take a moment to breathe in the sunset when it looks like that!

I don't often wear shoulders with this, but when I do this thick clawed shrug keeps the rich, heavy quality I like so much with the velvet.

I don’t often wear shoulders with this, but when I do this thick clawed shrug keeps the rich, heavy quality I like so much with the velvet. I think I’m going to dye them black next, instead of their current green.

Into the Fangorn Forest

Into the Fangorn Forest



North Downs green and red

Although she usually stays in Esteldin practicing her woodcrafting, sometimes an elf’s gotta get out and see the sky. 1 Silbern green and red (front) - Copy1 Silbern green and red (back)1 Silbern green and red (side)1 Silbern green and red (boots)

One of my very favorite outfits I ever cobbled together, and none of it is high level gear. It’s never left her cosmetic panel!

After many, many attempts and many, many green beers...

After many, many attempts and many, many green beers…

Dammit, Ada! Hurry up, the pee dance is not what I had in mind!

Sobering up for her dance lesson, but all that beer is causing different problems now! 

Autumnal Simbelmynë


Simblemyne Lothlorien back


I love the Simbelmynë clothes from last spring, but wanted to see them in warmer, richer colors than they are typically represented in.

Simblemyne Lothlorian Head


I especially liked how the muted orange-dyed tunic went with my Guardian’s darker, half-Dale, half-Easterling complexion.

Simblemyne Lothlorien back top


Lothlorien’s otherwordly glow captures an impossible blend of fresh spring and bright autumn, and this outfit fits the mood of that magical place perfectly.

Simblemyne in Enedwaith


It turned out to be quite handy when she ran into this hobbit enclave, so far from the peaceful Shire! She had this gentler outfit at the ready, so as not to alarm the hobbits with her imposing heavy armour.  (I may also have wanted to show off the [undyable] deep purple of the leggings )

Back: n/a
Head: Wide-Brimmed Spring Hat – orange (spring barter)
Shoulders: Gwir-palvais- burgundy, (drop, light armour)
Gloves: n/a
Chest: Simbelmynë Tunic & Trousers – orange (spring barter)
Legs: n/a
Boots: n/a

Warsteed: Dark Palomino

Rosegold wetlands head rightside

I finally found a warsteed combination I really like, she’s now my favorite mount by a mile. I really wanted a palomino, and had already purchased color pack #6, on release day as my RoR impulse buy. Now I’m glad I did! I like the darker  golden apricot color of her hide more than I could ever have anticipated.

Rosegold wetlands body leftside

I was lucky enough to already have the Steed of the Hunter, it was first released not long after I started playing, and I snatched it up immediately both because I loved (and still love) the look, and because it was the first 68% speed mount I could get my hands on. I bought the Steed of the Guardian after I found out about war steed cosmetics, and that I’d be able to ditch my least favorite parts of it (the unsheathed swords whacking the horse’s flank, the picnic blanket on its rear).

Rosegold wetlands rear rightside
Outfit: Éomer’s Grasslands
Warsteed: Rouncey
Head: Guardian’s Halter, default color
Body: Guardian’s Caparison, default color
Legs: Guardian’s Leggings, default color
Saddle: Hunter’s Saddle
Gear: Hunter’s Gear
Hide: Dark Chestnut
Tail: White

Buzzing around Eregion rework

This isn’t a new outfit, but an update for a previous one. Sometime after creating it, I found this lovely brass chain mail skirt over leggings and I loved how it brightened and streamlined the outfit.

Gold skirt


I apologize for the inconsistent quality of the screenshots. The older ones in particular were taken without a decent graphics card. Something I didn’t think about until my first turtle run in Filikul when my animation said I was still fighting, and our fellowship chat told me the fight was long over.

I quickly updated my equipment. 🙂

Back: Cloak of the Busy Bee- evendim blue (task deed reward)
Head: Himhar- ered luin blue (vol 1, book 4 quest reward)
Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Might- ered luin blue, (drop)
Gloves: Westernesse Steel Gauntlets of Fleetness*- ered luin blue (drop)
Chest: Survivor’s Armour- ered luin blue (vol II, book 1 quest reward)
Legs: Quilted Leggings Orlogfot- ered luin blue, (drop)
Boots: Rochwen’s Boots- ered luin blue, (Trollshaws quest reward)

Buzzing around Eregion

Éomer’s Grasslands


Walking the great grassland

The very first thing I did upon reaching Rohan- even before I made my epic beeline for a warsteed- was to mine enough ore to make a guild crest and this tunic. It was worth it! And thanks to the magic of the shared wardrobe, I could equip it long before I reached the minimum usable level of 85.

waterfall topdown

It’s a dangerous business, getting stuck inside a waterfall.

I fell in love with this light head piece when I first saw it in the Great River, and sped along the Thinglad quest that rewards it so I could have the coveted piece…. sit in my vault for weeks, completely untouched. Thankfully my hoarding was rewarded when I fit it on this outfit. I love how the neckline of the headscarf blends with the Grey Company shoulders so it all looks like one swath of fabric.

Signs point to trouble in this home.

Rohan is fantastically designed, and definitely rewards those who go searching for details. Unfortunate clipping on the back of the outfit, but so it goes.

on steedIt’s so easy to overuse the Grey Company cosmetics. I feel I see them on every other character, but that’s because they are so great! The boots with their dagger detail shine in a whole new light with mounted combat.

Back: Treasure Hunter’s Satchel- umber (quest reward)
Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf- umber (quest reward)
Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap- umber, (quest reward)
Gloves: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets- umber (quest reward)
Chest: Defensive War Armour of Éomer- default (t8 heavy crafted)
Legs: N/A
Boots: Fine Grey Company Boots- umber (quest reward)